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Department of
Biological Sciences
120 Flagg Road,
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881 - 0816.
Phone: (401) 874-2373.
Fax: (401) 874-2065.
Steven Irvine
Job Title: Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (Molecular genetics and evolution of development)
Address: CBLS 281,
Phone: (401) 874-9204
  • B. S. Architectural Studies, 1979, University of Illinois
  • M. Arch. (Architecture), 1983, Harvard University
  • Ph. D. Evolutionary Biology, 1998, University of Chicago
  • BIO 101, Principles of Biology I
  • BIO/GEO 272, Principles of Evolution
  • BIO 302, Animal Development
  • BIO/GEO 572, Advanced Evolutionary Biology
Research Interests

Work in this laboratory centers on understanding the molecular genetic control of developmental patterning in animals. In particular I am interested in the evolution of developmental gene regulation, and the ways that genes are regulated in functional networks. The research employs a variety of techniques to determine i) gene expression patterns, ii) functionally test genomic regulatory DNA for its role in controlling those expression patterns, and iii) use transgenics to manipulate expression patterns to examine gene regulatory networks. The principal study organisms are ascidians (sea squirts), which have a number of experimental advantages for this work, including two species with fully sequenced genomes. Sea squirts are primitive chordates, and findings in this animal may be directly comparable to those in their relatives, the vertebrates.

For the Irvine Lab website visit:

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