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Biological Sciences
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Kingston, RI 02881 - 0816.
Phone: (401) 874-2373.
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Carol Thornber
Job Title: Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (Marine population and community ecology; algal ecology)
Address: CBLS 181,
Phone: (401) 874-4495
  • B.S. (Biology), 1995, Stanford University
  • Ph.D. (Biology), 2001, University of California, Santa Barbara
Research Interests

I am a marine community ecologist with a research focus on marine macroalgae, their importance in nearshore/coastal foodwebs, and the impacts of climate change on these systems. I work in a variety of marine systems, including salt marshes, estuaries, mudflats, and rocky shores, including intertidal and subtidal habitats. My research is interdisciplinary, experimental, and quantitative, and I collaborate with a variety of basic and applied biologists. I welcome students into my laboratory who are inquisitive, broadly trained, and eager to conduct fieldwork.

The largest project in my laboratory involves the causes and consequences of macroalgal bloom formation in coastal systems. My students and I are studying a variety of questions about bloom dynamics, including the impacts of anthropogenic nitrogen on bloom growth, the effects of herbivory and decay and decomposition on estuarine and salt marsh trophic dynamics, and the ecological interactions among bloom-forming species and genera, including Ulva and Gracilaria.

Additional research projects in my laboratory include (but are not limited to) investigating the interactions between invasive and native (macroalgal and invertebrate) species, studying the impacts of complex life cycles on algal population and community dynamics, and examining the relationships between the ecosystem engineer Spartina alterniflora and associated salt marsh algal ecads.

For my lab website, please visit:

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