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Jacqueline F. Webb
Job Title: Professor of Biological Sciences and Coordinator, Marine Biology Program (Sensory biology and development of fishes)
Address: CBLS 293,
Phone: (401) 874-2609
  • B.S. (Biological Sciences, with a concentration in Ecology, Systematics and Evolution), 1979, Cornell University
  • Ph.D. (Biology), 1988, Boston University
  • Bio 360 Marine Biology
  • Bio 412/512 Evolution and Diversity of Fishes
  • Bio 593 Sensory Biology
  • Bio 594 Fish Development
Research Interests

My lab investigates the development and evolution of cranial sensory systems in fishes. In particular, we are interested in the development and evolution of the lateral line system, and we have focused on a variety of teleost fish taxa (e.g, cichlids, butterflyfishes, zebrafish, flounders, greenlings). Each of these taxa has interesting and unique attributes, which has allowed us to ask fundamental questions about lateral line evolution and patterns and mechanisms of development in the lateral system. We are currently working on several projects: 1) Development and Evolution of an Adaptive Phenotype in the Lateral Line System – an investigation of the development and behavioral significance of widened lateral line canals in the Lake Malawi peacock cichlids (Aulonocara), and a comparison of the development of narrow and widened canals to test a hypothesis of heterochrony. (Funded by NSF grant IOS-0843307). 2) the development of the lateral line system in elasmobranch fishes, 3) other aspects of the development and evolution of fish sensory system. For additional information, consult my webpage:

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