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Coastal Fellows Program

URI Sponsoring Faculty & Staff (Present & Past)

An * indicates Coastal Fellows mentors for 2008

Biological Sciences:

  • Emily Carrington, Assistant Professor
  • Stan Cobb, Professor Emeritus
  • Marian Goldsmith, Professor/ Dept. Chair
  • Steven Irvine, Assistant Professor *
  • Cheryl Wilga, Associate Professor *
  • Carol Thornber, Assistant Professor *

Cell and Molecular Biology:

  • David Nelson, Professor *

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics:

  • James Anderson, Professor
  • Thomas Grigalunas, Professor
  • David Rowley, Assistant Professor
  • James Opaluch, Professor *
  • Stephen Swallow, Associate Professor
  • Cathy Roheim, Associate Professor
  • Emi Uchida, Assistant Professor
  • Hiro Uchida, Assistant Professor

Fisheries, Animal, and Veterinary Science:

  • David Alves, Research Associate
  • David Bengtson, Professor/Dept. Chair
  • Kathleen Castro, Research Associate
  • Joseph DeAlteris, Professor
  • Marta Gomez-Chiarri, Associate Professor *
  • Marina Huber, Research Associate
  • Fred Launer, Lecturer
  • Chong Lee, Professor
  • Katherine Petersson, Assistant Professor
  • Michael Rice, Professor
  • Barbara Somers, Research Assistant
  • Richard Wolke, Professor Emeritus


  • Jon Boothroyd, Professor
  • Tom Boving, Associate Professor
  • David Fastovsky, Professor
  • Don Hermes, Professor
  • Anne Veeger, Associate Professor

Graduate School of Oceanography:

  • Tom Ardito, Marine Research Associate
  • Betty Buckley, Marine Research Associate
  • Christopher Deacutis, Professor
  • Stephan Grilli, Associate Professor, Ocean Engineering
  • Stephen Granger, Marine Research Associate
  • Sara Hickox, Director, Narragansett Bay Classroom
  • Ken Hinga
  • Mary-Jane James-Pirri, Marine Research Associate
  • John King, Professor *
  • Grace Klein-MacPhee, Associate Marine Research Scientist
  • Eric Klos, Coordinator, GSO Facilities and Maintenance
  • Margaret Leinen, Professor
  • William Macy, Assistant Marine Scientist
  • Lucie Maranda, Marine Research Scientist
  • James Miller, Professor
  • Scott Nixon, Professor, Biological Oceanography
  • Tun Liang Ong, Marine Research Associate
  • Candace Oviatt, Professor, Biological Oceanography
  • Pamela Pogue, Marine Research Associate
  • Sheldon Pratt, Marine Research Associate
  • Jim Quinn, Professor, Chemical Oceanography
  • Laura Reed, Marine Research Specialist, MERL
  • Mac Richardson, Marine Research Specialist
  • Charles Roman, Unit Director, USGS Coastal Studies Unit
  • Gail Scowcroft, Associate Director, Narragansett Bay Classroom
  • David Smith, Assistant Professor, Oceanography
  • Malcolm Spaulding, Professor, Ocean Engineering
  • Jennifer Specker, Professor, Biological Oceanography
  • Barbara Sullivan-Watts, Sr. Marine Research Scientist
  • Don Webb, Assistant Marine Research Scientist
  • Karen Wishner, Professor, Biological Oceanography
  • Rainer Lohmann, Assistant Professor

Marine Affairs:

  • Richard Burroughs, Professor
  • Tracy Dalton, Assistant Professor
  • Christopher Dyer, Assistant Professor
  • William Gordon, Associate Professor
  • Bruce Marti, Professor
  • Dennis Nixon, Professor/Assoc. Dean CELS
  • Robert Thompson, Assistant Professor

Natural Resources Science:

  • Kelly Addy, Research Associate *
  • Jose Amador, Professor
  • Peter August, Professor
  • Jana Compton, Assistant Professor
  • Roland Duhaime, Research Associate
  • Graham Forrester, Associate Professor *
  • Art Gold, Professor *
  • Frank Golet, Professor*
  • Linda Green, Research Associate *
  • Josef Gorres, Professor
  • Elizabeth Herron, Research Associate *
  • Tom Husband, Professor
  • Mary Hutchinson, Research Associate
  • Lorraine Joubert, Research Associate
  • D. Q. Kellogg, Research Associate
  • George Loomis,Research Associate
  • Alyson McCann, Research Associate
  • Aimee Mandeville, Research Associate
  • Scott McWilliams, Assistant Professor *
  • Chris Modisette, Adjunct Faculty
  • Peter Paton, Professor/Dept. Chair *
  • Natalie Sanbe, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Mark Stolt, Associate Professor *
  • Yong Wang, Research Associate

Nutrition and Food Science:

  • Nancy Fey-Yensan, Professor
  • Linda Sebelia, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Martha Patnoad, Professor *
  • Ingrid Lofgren, Assistant Professor *


  • Cheryl Foster, Professor

Plant Sciences and Cooperative Extension Education Center:

  • Rebecca Brown, Assistant Professor *
  • Richard Casagrande, Professor/Dept. Chair *
  • Howard Ginsberg, US Geological Survey
  • Marion Gold, Director, Coop. Ext. Education Center
  • Pat Logan, Professor
  • Tom Mather, Professor *
  • Brian Maynard, Assistant Professor
  • Nathaniel Mitkowski, Assistant Professor
  • Carl Sawyer, Research Associate
  • Elizabeth Tewksbury, Research Associate *

Political Science:

  • Tim Hennessey, Professor

Coastal Resources Center:

  • Mark Amaral, Marine Research Specialist
  • Alan Desbonnet, Marine Research Associate
  • Margaret Kerr, Marine Research Associate
  • Virginia Lee, Associate Coastal Resources Mgr.
  • Sue Kennedy
  • Jennifer McCann, Marine Research Associate
  • Stephen Olsen, Director
  • Jared Rhodes, Marine Research Specialist
  • Lori Watson, Marine Research Specialist

Rhode Island Natural History Survey:

  • David Gregg, Executive Director *

Rhode Island Sea Grant:

  • Monica Allard Cox, R.I. Sea Grant Communication
  • Barry Costa-Pierce, Director
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