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The College of the Environment and Life Sciences (CELS) has an active group of faculty doing research in various aspects of the molecular level of biological organization. This page brings together information on facilities and faculty located in a number of departments across the college.

Faculty from 5 different departments within CELS are actively involved in molecular bioscience research at URI:

Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Marian Goldsmith Genetic linkage mapping and comparative genomics in moths and butterflies.

Dr. Steven Irvine Molecular genetics and evolution of development.

Dr. Gabriele Kass-Simon Neurobiology and behavioral physiology of invertebrates.

Dr. Joanna Norris Molecular genetics of signal transduction in plants.

Dr. Alison Roberts Developmental cell biology in plants

Plant Sciences

Dr. Rebecca Brown Molecular genetics and plant breeding.

Dr. Shahid Karim Genomic and proteomic approaches to parasitology.

Dr. Thomas Mather Medical entomology and vector ecology.

Dr. Nathaniel Mitkowski Plant pathology and molecular genetics.

Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Science

Dr. Terence Bradley Aquaculture molecular genetics.

Dr. Marta Gomez-Chiarri Aquaculture molecular genetics.

Dr. Becky Sartini Molecular genetics of gametogenesis.

Natural Resources Science

Dr. Laura A. Meyerson Molecular population ecology.


Cell and Molecular Biology

Dr. Joel Chandlee Plant molecular developmental genetics. Transgenic methods.

Dr. Paul Cohen Microbial genetics. Molecular basis of bacterial pathogenesis.

Dr. Niall Howlett Cancer genetics, DNA repair, and Fanconi anemia.

Dr. Linda Hufnagel Cell and molecular biology of Cilioprotists and Cnidaria. Taxonomic diversity of Cilioprotists.

Dr. Bethany Jenkins Microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, and genetics.

Dr. Albert Kausch Plant genetics and transgenics. Agricultural genetics.

Dr. David Laux Immunology. Bacterial-mucosal surface interactions.

Dr. Lenore Martin Combinatorial libraries, antimicrobial peptide chemistry, analytical biochemistry, bioinformatics, and structural biology.

Dr. David Nelson Microbial physiology and gene expression. Host-pathogen interactions and molecular basis of bacterial pathogenesis..

Dr. Gregory Paquette Diagnostic microbiology: clinical laboratory science education and laboratory management. Professional licensure.

Dr. Jay Sperry Microbial toxins. Biosensors.

Dr. Gongqin Sun Biochemistry and cell biology of signal transduction.

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