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Department of Nutrition
and Food Sciences,
College of the Environment
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University of Rhode Island,
Kingston, RI 02881.
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Lori Pivarnik
Adj. Associate Professor




FSN Research Center (

(401) 874-2972


  • Coordinator, NFS Food Safety Outreach/Research
  • Ph.D., 1990, University of Rhode Island
  • M.S., 1978, University of Rhode Island
  • B.S., 1976, University of Rhode Island

Research Areas

Areas of interest include seafood quality and safety and food safety and quality education.

Selected Publications

  • Ellis, P.C., Pivarnik, L.F., and Thiam, M. 2000. Determination of volatile bases in seafood using the ammonia ion selective electrode: a collaborative study report. Journal of AOAC International. 83(4): 933-943.
  • Ellis, P.C., Pivarnik, L.F., and Thiam, M. 2000. . “Official Methods of Analysis -Supplement”. Ammonia ion selective electrode method for volatile bases in fish. 17th edition. Procedure 999.01. W. Horowitz, ed. AOAC International, Arlington, VA. 35.1.45.
  • Pivarnik, L.F., Ellis, P.C., and Wang, X., and Reilly, T. 2001. Standardization of the ammonia electrode method for evaluation seafood quality by correlation to sensory analysis. J. Food Sci. 66(7):945-952.
  • Rossi, S., Lee,C, Ellis, P.C. and Pivarnik, L.F. 2002. Biogenic amine formation in Bigeye tuna steaks and whole Skipjack tuna. J. Food. Sci. 67(6):2056-2060.
  • Rossi, S., Ellis, PC, Reilly, T., and Pivarnik, L. 2002. Quality profile of untreated and tasteless-smoked yellowfin tuna steaks. Abstract. Annual Institute of Food Technologists Convention, Annaheim, CA June 15-19.
  • Leydon, NL, Surendranath, S., Ellis, PC, Rossi, S., Palmer, K., Faustman, C., L.F. Pivarnik. 2004. Quality assessment of commercially produced tasteless smoked seafood products. Abstract. Presented at IFT annual conference, Las Vegas, NV. July 12 – July 16, 2004.
  • Pivarnik, LF, Donath, H, Patnoad, MS, and Roheim, C. 2005. New England consumers’ willingness to pay for fresh fruits and vegetables grown on GAP-certified farms. Food Protection Trends. 25(4): 256-266.
  • Leydon, NL, Suman, SP, Ellis,PC, Faustman,C. and Pivarnik, LF. 2005. Quality assessment of time/temperture storage conditions for filtered smoked tilapia fillets produced for retail distribution. Presented at IFT annual conference. New Orleans, LA, July 15-20.
  • Pivarnik, LF, Patnoad, MS, Leydon, NL and Gable, RK. 2006. New England home gardeners’ food safety knowledge of fresh fruits and vegetables. Food Protection Trends. 26(5):298-309.
  • Richard, N.L., Pivarnik, L.F., Patnoad, M.S. and Gable, R.K. 2007. Food safety knowledge of high school and transition special education teachers. Presented at Insitute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo. July 28-August 1. Chicago, IL.
  • Hicks, D., Pivarnik, L., Richard, N., McDermott, R., Hoover, D.G. and Kniel, K.E.. 2007. Consumer awareness and willingness to pay for high pressure processing of ready to eat food. Presented at Insitute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo. July 28-August 1. Chicago, IL.
  • Pivarnik, LF, Hicks, D, Jahncke, M and Gall, K. 2007. Needs Assessment Survey of Sanitation, Good Manufacturing and Hygienic Training Practices for Food Processors, Wholesalers and Warehouse Operators. Food Protection Trends. 27(5):400-408.
  • Pivarnik, L.F., Richard, N.L, Patnoad, M.S., Gable, R.K., Handley, D., Hirsch, D., Steen, D. and Violette, C. 2008. On-site interview of New England Gardeners to assess food safety knowledge and practices related to growing and handling of home grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Food Protection Trends. 28(2):115-124.
  • Hicks, D., L.F. Pivarnik and McDermott, R. 2008. Consumer perceptions about seafood – an internet survey. Journal of Foodservice. 19:213-226.
  • Richard, N.L., Pivarnik, L.F., Lee, C.M. and Ellis, P.C. 2008. The matrix effect on recovery of biogenic amines in fish. Journal of AOAC International. 91(4):
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