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Browsers Compatability & JavascriptFirefox

The Coastal Plant Guide will work in all browsers, however it runs best in Mozilla Firefox. If you do not already have Firefox installed on your computer, you can download it for free and install it by clicking here.

The Coastal Plant Guide requires Javascript to run correctly. To enable javascript, follow these browser-specific instructions:

  • Firefox: Tools | Options | Content (Web Features in Firefox 1.0.x) | "Enable JavaScript".
  • Netscape: Under the Edit menu, select Preferences | Advanced, and make sure For Netscape browsers, under the Edit menu, select Preferences | Advanced, and make sure "Enable JavaScript"
  • Internet Explorer: Under the View menu, select Internet Options | Security | Custom | Settings | Scripting | Active Scripting and pick "Enable".

Searching for plants by name

To search the database for plants by their name, simply fill in part or all of the plants scientific or common name into the box over the field name and hit enter. This will return a list of plants containing the text you entered.

(Example: typing Quercus in the box over the species field and hitting enter will result in a list of 11 Oak species contained in the Coastal Plant Guide.)


Searching for species by attributes

The plants listed in the Coastal Plant Guide are presented in a table with 15 associated attributes. The abbreviated attribute names are listed in the blue-colored row after 'Species' and 'Common Name'. Plants that are associated with a particular attribute are identified by the symbol '+', those without this association are identified by a '-' symbol..

You can select plants by their attributes by clicking on the pulldown menu located above each attribute type and selecting the '+' or '-' symbols. You may use this to filter for multiple attributes.

To clear the filter, click the 'Clear Filter' text in the green menu located on the top left of the plant table.


Legend and Navigating the table

View a legend containing explanations of each attribue by clicking on the attibute name.

The Coastal Plant Guide is a database of over 200 plants. The table will only display 50 records at a time, to toggle through the list, use the dropdown box located in the green menu to select the page you would like to view.

Navigating to Species Profile Page

Click on the species name to view the species profile, including a narrative description of the species and photos. The species profile will open in a new window. Close this window to go back to the main species table (clicking on 'Home' or 'Back to Coastal Plant Guide' will also close the window).



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